Gault Millau WeinGuide 2017 - 4 Rote Trauben

4 rote Trauben "[…] Selbst seine ‚einfachen‘ Weine präsentieren sich langlebig und komplex. Zudem schafft es kaum ein anderes Weingut, die Lagenunterschiede, vor allem zwischen Morstein, Aulerde, Kirschspiel und Brunnenhäuschen so fein heruaszuarbeiten."

MORSTEIN GG - 96 Punkte: „Ein besseres Großes Gewächs aus dem Morstein gab es im Jahr 2017 nicht. Tiefgründig, mineralisch, puristisch und mit endlosem Reifepotential.“

Eichelmann 2019 Deutschlands Weine - 5 Sterne

Über das hohe Einstiegsniveau freuen wir uns jedes Jahr – aber das zeichnet eben einen Spitzenbetrieb aus. Alle Gutsweine mag man mit Freude trinken. […] Der Gutsriesling ist würtzig und eindringlich im Bouquet, frisch, klar und zupackend, besitzt gute Struktur und Frucht.


"Philipp Wittmann füllt seit Jahren sehr homogene, hochklassige Gutskollektionen ab - vom Basisriesling bis zum 'Großen Gewächs'."


Bei der Geschmacksprägung seiner Weine setzt Wittmann lieber auf den Kalkstein in den Weinbergen und die zum Teil uralten Reben, etwa in der Lage Kirchspiel.

Wine Spectator Insider - "First Look at Our Editors Most Exciting New Wines" (Marvin R. Shanken / Aleks Zecevic) 14th November 2018


“The light golden hue of this bone-dry, intensely mineral-driven white hints at concentration, and while the palate matches, this features beautifully integrated acidity that beams, imparting a lively profile. The flavors of rich meringue, cream and fleur de sel are sprinkled with bold, ripe notes of melon, coconut and spice. The succulent, mouthwatering finish flows across the palate. Best from 2021 through 2035.”


“Starts off racy and elegant before unraveling, with a richly spiced frame and a core of fruity flavors of red peach, Meyer lemon and persimmon. A very seductive and refined version, offering a bit of creaminess offset by crystalline acidity. The powerful finish is full of ripe, spiced flavors and intense creamy notes. Shows plenty of pedigree, so feel free to wait a few years. Best from 2021 through 2034.”


“Amazingly fresh, but buttery and rich, with piercing acidity cutting through vibrant flavors of lemon oil, mango and ripe pear. Offers a floral element that imparts extra lift due to the bergamot and blood orange accents. The spice and mineral notes glide seamlessly into the long finish. This should come around nicely with time. Best from 2020 through 2030.”


“Lemon cream flavors and hints of clove and cardamom mark this well-knit dry Riesling, which combines power and elegance. Shows plenty of structure to balance the expressive palate, with a disarming clarity that belies the concentration. Best from 2020 through 2031.”


“Flavors of currant and white raspberry mingle with spice components on the palate, and there is plenty of complexity from the soil and herbal details in this intense and focused Riesling. All the elements are harmonious and appealing from start to finish. Drink now through 2026.”


“A charming dry version, offering a lovely mineral profile and vivid structure, featuring flavors of nectarine and pear, with hints of wild rose. Savory mineral notes linger on the well-defined finish. Drink now through 2023.”



“Stunning vitality and great mirabelle fruit, as well as a floral touch on the nose. Then, the chalky mineral character charges through and drives the finish ever further out there. A unique expression of the Morstein site. From biodynamically grown grapes. Respekt certified. Drink or hold.“


SPÄTBURGUNDER -RESERVE- 2015 - TOP 10 der Spätburgunder Deutschland “Shine on You Crazy Diamonds: The Top Wines of the Erratic 2017” (Steward Pigott) 19.09.2018


“Stunning vitality and great mirabelle fruit, as well as a floral touch on the nose. Then, the chalky mineral character charges through and drives the finish ever further out there. A unique expression of the Morstein site. From biodynamically grown grapes. Respekt certified. Drink or hold.“


“Anything but a fruit bomb, this has gigantic herbal intensity on the nose, then literally breathtaking concentration on the palate and a finish of crystalline purity – words more often used to describe the much sleeker wines from the Mosel. From biodynamically grown grapes. Respekt certified. Gigantic aging potential, but you can certainly drink it now.“


“Maybe this isn’t the most powerful dry riesling on planet Rheinhessen, but it is an exceedingly beautiful example with fine apricots and a cool, very filigree finish for this rather warm region. From biodynamically grown grapes. Respekt certified. Drink or hold.“


“Very complex, herbal nose, the fruity notes way in the background. Really concentrated but also super-elegant with a fine-grained texture that’s unlike any other Wittmann GG. Exceptionally long finish with intense chalky character. From biodynamically grown grapes. Respekt certified. Great aging potential. Drink or hold.“


“It’s no wonder that this has the ripeness and depth of a top, single-vineyard wine, considering that it comes mostly from the Morstein, plus some Brünnenhäuschen. Powerful but subtle with a ton of herbal and chalky character at the very long, clean finish. From biodynamically grown grapes.


“Lavish yellow fruit, including some almost overripe pineapple. This just avoids tipping into opulence; there's healthy acidity and that lifts this monster dry riesling at the bold, herbal finish. From almost 70 year old vines. Biodynamically grown grapes. Respekt certified. Drink or hold.“


“Stunning ripeness, but only red fruit and a hint of fresh herbs. Serious tannins, but they are already beautifully integrated in the medium-full body. Very long finish that has the same chalky character as the top riesling GGs. From biodynamically grown grapes. Respekt certified. Drink or hold.“


“You could easily mistake this pinot blanc for a top white burgundy, thanks to the wonderful concentration, toasted-nut character, creamy elegance and super-long, refined finish. From old vines in the Steingrube site. Biodynamically grown grapes. Drink or hold.“


“It’s no wonder that this has the ripeness and depth of a top, single-vineyard wine, considering that it comes mostly from the Morstein, plus some Brunnenhäuschen. Powerful but subtle with a ton of herbal and chalky character at the very long, clean finish. From biodynamically grown grapes.”


“Very graceful and filigree, in spite of all the mineral power and the ripe white peaches and apricots. Near-perfect balance at the long finish. From the Orbel and Ölberg top sites. From biodynamically grown grapes. Respekt certified.“


“Slightly opulent, fresh quince and citrus aromas and plenty of body, but the fresh acidity is able to this without much trouble, keeping the finish rather sleek and crisp. Some tannins at the bold finish. From biodynamically grown grapes. Respekt certified. Drink or hold.“


95 Punkte, Morstein Riesling GG 2017:
„satte gelbe Wildkräuter, kandierte Zitrusfrüchte; sehr viel Extrakt, sehr dicht, in Frucht gehüllte, rassige Säure, dazu salzig-mineralisch, extrem intensiv am Gaumen“

94 Punkte, Brunnenhäuschen Riesling GG 2017
„gelbe Frucht, Sommerheu, Getreidefeld, leicht rauchig; intensiv mit viel Extrakt, salzig und mit kalkigem Grip unterlegt, was die Intensität zusätzlich steigert“

93 Punkte, KIRCHSPIEL Riesling GG 2017
„Hopfen, kühle Würze, helle Frucht, Birne; sehr pikant, viel Spiel, leichtfüßig, dezent toniger Grip, tolle Balance“

93 Punkte, Aulerde Riesling GG 2017
„Sonnenblumenkerne, gelbes Kernobst, hefig-erdig, etwas gedeckt, dahinter auch Kräuterwürze und Tee; sehr komplex und elegant, Säure gut verpackt, griffig-toniges Finale“


„Seit 30 Jahren ist Wittmann eines der stärksten Weingüter im Land. Und Philipp Wittmann dreht immer noch ein bisschen weiter an den Stellschrauben. Hier entstehen Monumente. Manches Gut wäre froh, wenn seine Spitzenweine so gut wären, wie hier schon die Basisqualitäten.“, May 8th, 2018 Morstein: The new Grand Cru of the Rhine” (Stuart Pigott)

“Situated in the wine region of Rheinhessen in Germany, the Morstein vineyard site in Westhofen has achieved cult status since the last turn of the century by playing a key role in the paradigm shift for German wines from sweet to dry wines. Today, the Morstein has garnered international attention for producing dry white wines of great complexity and restrained power.

The man behind this celebrated wine is Philipp Wittmann, owner and winemaker of the Wittmann estate in Westhofen. When he released his first solo Morstein, the great 2001 vintage he pushed the long-forgotten Westhofen into the spotlight, making this one of the great turning points in German winemaking.

In many ways, the Morstein site is typical for a new German “grand cru”. The soil is clay-marl over limestone cliffs, which means the soil is much closer to that of the Grand Cru Montrachet than to the slate of the Mosel Valley. Although the Morstein vineyard has an inclination of 20 to 25% —less than half that of the other top sites on the Mosel — the soil is only 20 centimeters deep in some places, and the maximum depth is only 1.5 meters. Due to the altitude of 180 to 240 meters above sea level, the site is best described as a cool corner in a rather warm region. This unique terroir and microclimate lead to a healthy acidity content, which helps explain the restrained power in Morstein dry Rieslings, preventing the wine from ever tasting heavy.”


“It's almost supernatural how fresh and delicate this medium- to full-bodied dry Riesling is on the nose. Yet, it is also incredibly deep and complex on the palate. You don't need to know anything about German wine or this grape for it to take your breath away. The peachy fruits are so seductive and the harmony is so dazzling. Tasted on two occasions with consistent notes. Drink or hold.“


“The smokiest and spiciest Wittmann's 2017 Riesling GG. Shows enormous depth and yet, it remains cool and poised. A super long and mineral finish with a delicate creaminess that balances the bright acidity exactly. An amazing achievement, considering the hail damage occurred just weeks before the harvest. Though the quantity was much lower than normal, there is no doubt that this is a masterpiece. Better from 2020.”


“Already stunning on release, this has now turned into a spectacular beauty with a near-perfect apricot nose with hints of spices. Super rich but impeccably balanced. A very long finish that is so silky, making it impossible to resist. Very easy to enjoy now, but probably has a couple of decades ahead of it.”


“This wine is from an ugly-duckling vintage, which is associated with high acidity and often poor ripeness, but it has turned into the most beautiful swan. Stunning apricot and mango nose. Rich and succulent on the palate with a lively acidity that perfectly balances the generous body and chalky power at the imposing finish. How did he do it? Picking for this continued into early November!”


“Quite toasty on the nose, which is probably from bottle maturation. This Morstein is so bold, richly textural and dry that you could mistaken it for a grand cru white burgundy! Some dry German Rieslings of this vintage has dominant tannins, but here this quality gives the wine an extra dimension of power. At 13.5% alcohol, this is the heaviest Wittmann Morstein of recent times. Drink or hold.”


“Although this medium- full-bodied dry Riesling lacks a bit of the originality and enormous length of the best recent vintages of Wittmann's Morstein, it is still remarkably fresh for its age. Considerable depth on the mid-palate with spot-on balance. Where is the lobster? Drink or hold”


“Brimming with mirabelle aromas, this concentrated dry Riesling has a great balance of creamy richness and mineral freshness that extends through the very long finish. Just beginning to open up. The best dry white from this producer to date!”


“Perhaps this isn't the most powerful Morstein Wittmann ever made, but it has all the smoke and chalky mineral character you'd expect from the site. On top of that, there is a gracefulness that is rare in this difficult vintage (rain at harvest and the Suzuki fly spreading sour rot). The crisp acidity is married to an attractive beeswax character. A long, complex finish. Drink or hold.”


“A major contrast to the many German dry Rieslings of this vintage, which taste heavy and rather tired due to botrytis and late picking. This has a rich apricot and mango character. Full body with quite some creaminess, as well as enough acidity and vitality to lift all that weight. A long, chalky finish with a tiny hint of sweetness. Drink or hold.”


“There's a hint of botrytis here that gives it candied citrus and acacia honey notes, but on the palate, the wine is concentrated and rich. The high acidity makes it slightly edgy at the finish, which is a typical attribute for this vintage. This should smoothen out a bit more with more bottle age. Impressive now, but may gain in harmony in 2030.”


“Very cool and discrete for this ripe vintage. With quite some creaminess on the mid-palate, this is both concentrated and polished. But it lacks some of the complexity of the 2011 and the stunning fruit of the 2012, which are also both ripe vintages. Drink or hold.”


“This is a delicious glass of dry Riesling, but its combination of caramelized mandarin and nectarine character and high acidity makes it an oddball in the row of Wittmann Morsteins. Interesting baked apples and parsley character at the chalk, slightly angular finish. Drink or hold.”

Vinous, 1st May 2018 "Rheinhessen Riesling 2018 - The Triumph of Sublety" (David Schildknecht)


“Issuing once again from vines in the Niersteiner Orbel, this delivers a gorgeous nose of mirabelle, quince and white peach garlanded in musky narcissus and peony. The palate is silken and opulent but retains a fine sense of primary juiciness and energy. Smoke and crushed stone inflections add interest, and fruit pit piquancy lends invigoration to a finish that lusciously preserves the fruits and florality signaled on the nose. What a difference a vintage makes when one compares this relatively late-picked Niersteiner with its far less successful 2015 predecessor!” (Drink 2018-2022)


“Wittmann’s first (2015) crop from his newly acquired acreage in the stony, chalky Gundersheimer Höllenbrand – adjacent to Morstein – was a Trockenbeerenauslese. But now we get to experience “normal” Rieslings from this site, sourced from a small remnant of old vines plus ones recently planted after this Einzellage underwent wholesale restructuring. (Wittmann’s plan is to eventually launch a Höllenbrand Grosses Gewächs.) Fresh lemon and crab apple strongly marked by their seeds make for a nose-wrinkling aromatic blast and a bright, tart-edged, piquant palate impression whose invigorating effect is amplified by a peppery, chalky sense of mineral suffusion, leading to a finish of vibratory energy, refreshing juiciness and admirable clarity.” (Drink 2018-2022)


“Scents of fresh lime, cherry and white peach anticipate tangy juiciness and invigoratingly seed- and pit-inflected piquancy on a firm but not adamant palate. A cooling sense of thyme and chalk suffusion adds to the appeal of a surprisingly soothing as well as buoyant and generously juicy finish. (Drink 2018-2022)

Wine & Spirits Maganzin “New US-Releases”

93 points, WESTHOFENER Riesling 2016

“Philipp Wittmann blends this wine from his best sites in and around Westhofen, fermenting the fruit in large casks with ambient yeasts and leaving it for ten months on the lees. The 2016 shows its ripeness in its peach and pear flavor and lemon-curd acidity, then balances it with mineral tones that seem to reflect light through the wine. It last, lifted and fresh, elegant in its lines.”

90 – Best Buy, Riesling Estate 2016

“Sourced from Philipp Wittmann’s biodynamically farmed vineyards in and around Westhofen, this is though at first, marked by the scent the Germans call sponti, a funky scent that occurs in some Rieslings fermented with ambient yeasts. Give it time in the glass and those notes meld into the wine, building texture and density around the crisp green-papaya fruit. Full bodied yet near-weightless, thanks to the limey acidity, this has the sort of balance to take on most any food.”

Wine Enthusiast, February 1st, 2018 (Anna Lee C. Iijima)

93 Points – Editors Choice – Spätburgunder Estate 2015

Lavish yet acutely balanced, Wittmann's basic-label Spätburgunder offers deep, ripe blackberry and red currant flavors off set by bristling acidity. Layers of bramble, toast and smoke add complexity to nose and palate, along with a reverberating crushed-granite finish. Framed by fine, persistent tannins, its approachable already but should show beautifully for another decade to come.

90 Points Weisser Burgunder Estate 2016

Crisp lemon, tangerine and green apple are zippy and thirst quenching in this dry Pinot Blanc. It's an intently mineral wine, boasting deep veins of crushed stone and mineral. The finish is brisk but pristine. Drink now through 2021.

90 Points Riesling Estate 2016

Pristine notes of lime zest, grapefruit and gooseberry persist from nose to finish in this vibrant, dry Riesling. Light bodied and bracing, it's a crisply textured wine with a refreshing, long finish. Drink now through 2020.

90 Points 100 Hills Riesling 2016

Hints of honey and orange blossom soften cutting lime and lemon flavors in this medium-bodied Riesling. Dry in style, it's a zesty, intensely thirst quenching wine, with a long finish fringed by bitter, waxy lime-pith complexities. Drink now through 2020.

90 Points 100 Hills Pinot Blanc 2016

Orange blossoms and lime pith perfume this full-bodied Pinot Blanc. Juicy grapefruit and lemon flavors are plush on the palate, but there's also a deep mineral core. The finish is pristine and pure. Drink now through 2019.

Eichelmann 2018- Deutschlands Weine

***** „Auch in diesem Jahr ist das Einstiegsniveau wieder sehr hoch, schon die Gutsweine sind alle sehr gut. Unter den vier Großen Gewächsen ist dieses Jahr der Morstein unser eindeutiger Favorit, einer der großen Rieslinge des Jahrgangs in Deutschland. Ganz starke Kollektion!“


* * * * * „Bei der Geschmacksprägung seiner Weine setzt Wittmann lieber auf den Kalkstein in den Weinbergen und die zum Teil uralten Reben, etwa in der Lage Kirchspiel, einem unserer Favoriten im Jahrgang 2016."

MORSTEIN GG -96 PUNKTE –3. PLATZ DER TOP TEN RIESLINGE: „Fordernder Schmelz, kühler Apfel, Anflug von reifem Wildmirabellenkern, vornehmer Nachhall“

Gault Millau WeinGuide 2018

4 rote Trauben Exzellente Betriebe, die zu den besten Deutschlands zählen
"Die Kollektion ist von einer fantastischen Homogenität und Jahrgangstreue, die Großen Lagen stehen sich in praktisch nichts nach."

Feinschmecker 2017/2018

FFFFF „Philipp Wittmann hat den Betrieb, seit je bekannt für gute trockene Weine, in die Spitzengruppe der deutschen Weingüter geführt. Die hohe Qualität der Weinkollektion belegen nicht nur die ‚Großen Gewächse‘, sondern auch die trockenen Scheureben, Silvaner und Weißburgunder.“


MORSTEIN RIESLING GG 2016 –WEISSWEIN DES JAHRES: „In diesem noch sehr jugendlichen Wein halten sich Tiefe und Feinheit exakt die Waage. Die Fruchtaromen […] beginnen sich erst langsam zu entfalten […] es ist vielmehr die intensive „kalkige“ Note im ewig langen Geschmacksfinale, die ihn so besonders macht. Lange Zeit haben die Experten behauptet, genau dies zeichne einen großen Chablis aus, komme aber nicht in einem deutschen Riesling vor. Philipp Wittmann hat diese Regel widerlegt.“ “The Wine Advocat °233” (Stephan Reinhardt) Oktober 31st, 2017

“The 2016 grand crus (Grosses Gewächs) are great wines, the parcels were picked at the end of October and deliver clear, fresh and terroir-driven dry Rieslings of which the auctioned La Borne and Morstein are outstanding wines full of purity, finesse and elegance.(…)”

95 points, La Borne Riesling 2016

“The 2016 Riesling Alte Reben La Borne is from a special (upper) parcel in the Morstein that always gives a special, extremely chalky character. On the nose there is a very pure, elegant, concentrated and herbal bouquet of perfectly ripe and chalky Riesling aromas. On the palate this is a full-bodied, rich and creamy but fine and highly elegant Riesling with ripe, lush fruit, fine tannins and lingering salinity. It is a gorgeous Riesling with great intensity, finesse and more flesh compared to the Morstein GG.” Drink 2018 – 2040

94 points, Morstein Riesling GG 2016

“The 2016 Morstein Riesling GG is super clear, fresh and intense but also pure, fine and chalky on the nose, indicating remarkable finesse and complexity. The attack on the palate is really fresh if not piquant, the wine pure, fresh and mineral, with almost no flesh but lots of salt and minerals as well as fine, juicy tannins. Still terribly young but precise and well-defined, this is an endlessly salty and stimulating Morstein for a long-distance run. Gorgeous and very promising in its finesse, elegance and purity. A classic from late-ripening grapes. Great, great finesse here and a very long, pure finish.” Drink 2020-2040

93 points, Brunnenhäuschen Riesling GG 2016

“The Brunnenhäuschen is intense, ripe, pure and salty on the nose, very deep and elegant with ripe fruit and spicy/salty aromas. On the palate, this is a full-bodied, fresh, finessed and salty dry Riesling with power and grip but also purity, finesse and a lingering salinity intertwined with fine tannins. This is full-bodied, rich and pure Riesling with excellent aging potential.” Drink 2021-2032

92 points, Aulerde Riesling GG 2016

“The 2016 Aulerde Riesling GG is purer, fresher and more mineral than ever before. Coming from deep and coolish marly soils and vines planted in 1951, this is a flinty/smoky and lemony Riesling with stunning purity and a coolish character. Pure, fresh and intense on the silky-textured palate, this is a well-structured, intense but still elegant dry Riesling with ripe fruit flavors, fine grippy tannins and lingering salinity. One of the finest Aulerede GGs I can remember.” Drink 2018-2032

92 points, Kirchspiel Riesling GG 2016

“From an east-facing, very calcareous grand cru that gives more spicy rather than fruity flavors, the intensely yellow colored 2016 Kirchspiel Riesling GG offers a pure, chalky and spicy nose with concentrated, ripe Riesling aromas intermixed with crushed stones. Full-bodied, intense and concentrated on the palate, this is a juicy, silky and elegant Riesling with stimulating concentration and salinity. Very fine and complex. An impressive Riesling from chalk.”

90 points, Niersteiner Riesling 2016

“The 2016 Niersteiner Riesling Trocken, entirely sourced in the Orbel right next to the GG parcel of St. Antony, opens with a super pure and floral-scented slatey bouquet that indicates remarkable precision and finesse. Medium-bodied, pretty lush and round but refined and elegant, this is an excellent and salty dry Riesling with fine tannins, lingering minerals and a long, aromatic finish. A remarkably good wine and miles better than the 2015.” Drink 2017-2030

89 points, Westhofener Riesling 2016

“The Westhofener Riesling is from younger (10- to 20-year-old) vines in the Morstein and Brunnenhäuschen. The bouquet indicates a riper, warmer, more full-bodied and intense Riesling on the nose and this is exactly what you get: a juicy, round and full-bodied Riesling with warm and lush fruit, fine chalky tannins and a good aromatic finish. Nice grip and salinity. Still very young but promising.” Drink 2018-2030

89 points, Riesling 2016

“Sourced entirely in Westhofen's calcareous soils and fermented and aged predominantly in (large) oak, the 2016 Riesling Trocken has an intense, citrus-yellow color and opens with an aromatic bouquet of ripe, lush Riesling aromas with floral and delicate chalky aromas. On the palate, this is silky-textured, very elegant and balanced Riesling with a medium body and a pure, salty, well-structured, dry finish with good grip and purity. This is is Wittmann's liquid philosophy of pure and calcareous Riesling from biodynamically farmed, top vineyards in calcareous soils.” Drink 2018-2030, September 13th, 2017 “The 2017 GG tasting – Rieslings” (Michael Schmidt)

18 points, Aulerde Riesling GG 2016

“2016 confirms the Aulerde’s reputation as the most opulent and forward of Wittmann’s Grosse Gewächse. The almost overwhelming exhibition of tropical fruit does not stop short of the palate, but even adds some juicy stone-fruit flavours to the sweet taste of passion fruit, orange and pineapple.
A full body and rich texture serve as further proof of generosity, but a fair sprinkling of fresh herbs, sweet spices and dusty minerality make sure that the Aulerde has far more to offer .” Drink 2017-2025

18,5 points, Kirchspiel GG

“Although the Kirchspiel opens with its usual generous exhibition of exotic and stone fruit aromas, a delightful fragrance of highly scented Mediterranean herbs adds intrigue. On the palate, juicy peaches and nectarines are joined by exotic spice, sweet herbs and a subtle sprinkling of dusty minerality. Ample acidity provides contours to a full body.” Drink 2017-2025

18,5 points, Brunnenhäuschen GG 2016

“A truly Grosses Gewächs will never be purely based on fruit, but there is no harm in opening the performance of peach, apricot and citrus fruit. As soon as the wine hits the palate the fruity pleasantries become just a side show to the main mineral performance. Rock solid, taut, powerful, the Brunnenhäuschen is as much about structure and finesse, as it is about complexity of flavor with its wide array of stony, spicy herbal and fruity nuances.” Drink 2017-2026

18,5 points, Morstein Riesling GG 2016

“The 2016 Morstein takes me by surprise with its abundance of aromatics and extreme ripeness. Apricot, peach and nectarine are just some of the fruits that ooze sweet juice on the palate, and a curvaceous body and creamy texture only serve to emphasise the generous expression of the vintage. But Wittmann’s Morstein does not just rely on the big is beautiful, as it adds some fine spicy and mineral notes for sophistication.” Drink 2017-2026, September 10th, 2017 “Rheinhessen Comes of Age” (Stuart Pigott)

“Terroir lives in Rheinhessen and the geological diversity of the region strongly marks the wines. Loess may be the most common soil type, but there are plenty of vineyards with a limestone-based soil that give wines with a ‘chalky’ character reminiscent of Chablis. The 2016 Morstein GG from Wittmann with 98 points is one of our highest-rated dry Rieslings and is a near perfect example of this powerful but elegant type.”

98-99 points, La Borne Riesling 2016

The amazing thing about this wine is the way it marries its enormous power with a stunning freshness. If the finish of this wines doesn't blow your mind then either you don't like white wine or you hate acidity. Drink now.

98 points, Morstein Riesling GG 2016 - One of the TOP 100 Wines of 2017

Be prepared! This is the most closed of the 2016 Wittmann Grosses Gewächs, but it has extraordinary finesse. Then the fundamental power climbs out of the abyss and pushes the incredibly fine, chalky finish out towards infinity. Please wait until at least 2018, because this has enormous potential. No hurry! You can even hang on through 2050.

97 points, Kirchspiel Riesling GG 2016

Enormously deep, but also extremely elegant this is the perfect riesling answer to the Grand Crus of Burgundy. If you're in doubt just let this wine roll over your palate and pay attention to the gigantic finish. Drink now, though this also has tremendous ageing potential.

97 points, Brunnenhäuschen GG

Stunning concentration, racy energy and minerality that makes you wonder if you're strong enough to take its intensity and radical character. Have I any chance to live as long as this wine? Drink now and forever.

95 points, Aulerde GG 2016

Cool and super-herbal in the nose, before all the ripeness and the racy power which this site can give charges through and leaves you a little breathless. Drink now.


„[…]während 2015 ein eher reifer Jahrgang war, kraftvoll und saftig, kommt der 2016er straff und würzig daher. Allerdings auch konzentriert und dicht: Die besten Weine des Jahrgangs sind für lange Reife prädestiniert.“

2016 BRUNNENHÄUSCHEN RIESLING GG: „Den Morstein kennt man ja, einen der begehrtesten Weine, den das Anbaugebiet Rheinhessen hervorbringt […]. Aber das Brunnenhäuschen wird manchmal unterschätzt, ist es doch weniger kraftvoll, sondern verführerischer, mit Noten von Stachelbeere und Kräutern. Kann man schon jetzt trinken –wenn es denn sein muss.“

Weinwirtschaft Ausgabe 18, 08. September 2017 (Sascha Speicher)

95 Punkte, Morstein Riesling GG 2016: „eher dunkle Würze, Lakritz, schwarzer Tee, reife Zitrusfrucht, Wacholder, dicht, aber doch feingliedrig, griffig-kalkige Textur, sehr engmaschig, jederzeit voll präsent, mit Zug, nie ausladend“
94 Punkte, Brunnenhäuschen Riesling GG 2016: „feinste Gewürznoten, Anis, Fenchelsamen, sehr hell, Pfirsich, Kumquat, ganz leicht rauchig, schwarze Tee, sehr dicht, fest, kompakt, mit kalkiger Textur, feinem Gerbstoffbiss, griffig, große Länge“
93 Punkte, Aulerde Riesling GG 2016: „offene, gelbe Frucht, Pfirsich, etwas Kamille, Heu, Johanniskraut, Zirbe, rassige Säure, eingehüllt in zart fruchtsüßen, eher hefigen Schmelz, dicht, konzentriert, sehr klar, aus einem Guss“, May 24, 2017 – Rheinhessen Ortswein 2016s (Michael Schmidt)

The Vintage 2016 wines are even more authentic in their Riesling typicality than the more opulent, generous and fruity 2015s.

17/20 2016 Wittmann, Niersteiner Riesling trocken

“The delightful citrus and spice nose of Wittmann’s Niersteiner village vindicates my claim. Generous body and relatively soft texture.”

17/20 2016 Wittmann, Westhofener Riesling trocken

“With ist grapes coming from the Grand Cru MORSTEIN and KIRCHSPIEL vineyards, Wittmann’s Westhofener village Riesling has an impeccable pedigree, and its composition of yellow fruit, salty minerality and fine spices do full justice to its provenance.”

Wine Spectator, March 31, 2017 (Kim Marcus)

95 points, 2015 Kirchspiel GG Riesling trocken

“Very minerally and powerfully fruity, with impressive cut to the dried apple, lemon-lime and star fruit flavors. Dried herbal notes show midpalate, leading to a finish that lingers with roasted pineapple details and rich, spicy accents.”

94 points, 2015 Brunnenhäuschen GG Riesling trocken

“Crunchy, featuring snappy dried apple, green pear and lemon bar flavors and accents of verbena and thyme, providing an elegant mouthfeel. The powerful and fresh finish is minerally, showing hints of white pepper.”

93 points, 2015 Morstein Riesling trocken

”Very rich and elegant, with a slightly airy texture to the richly spiced flavors of pastry, dried apple and roasted pineapple. Engaging notes of shiso and dried sage linger into the vibrantly spiced finish.”

93 points, 2015 Westhofener Riesling trocken

“Very rich and elegant, with a slightly airy texture to the richly spiced flavours of pastry, dried apple and roasted pineapple. Engaging notes of shiso and dried sage linger into the vibrantly spiced finish.”

92 points, 2015 Aulerde GG Riesling trocken

”A fruity style, featuring a mix of peach, Fuji apple and dried pear flavors, supported by fresh acidity. Juicy midpalate, with a finish of dried ginger and spice”

90 points, 2015 Riesling trocken

“Offering a custardy aroma and plenty of minerality, this delivers juicy acidity in the midpalate, with a firm structure. Lingering notes of honeysuckle and spice on the finish” 2017 BEST OF dry Rieslings - Marcus Hofschuster -

94 Punkte 2015 Morstein GG

95 Punkte 2015 Brunnenhäusschen GG

93 Punkte 2015 Kirchspiel GG

Eichelmann 2017 Deutschlands Weine - 5 Sterne

„Um die Führungsrolle streiten sich wie so oft Morstein und Brunnenhäuschen. Morstein, der viel Konzentration und reintönige reife Frucht zeigt, kraftvoll und jugendlich. Das Brunnenhäuschen zeigt gute Konzentration und herrlich viel Frucht, noch enorm jugendlich. (…)

Ganz starke Kollektion!“

Gault Millau WeinGuide 2017

„Genau darum geht es Philipp Wittmann: um das mineralische Erlebnis, um Salzigkeit, Kühle, Länge – und Herkunftsbezug. Wittmann steht für uns für eine absolut authentische Weinkultur, die sich genau richtig definiert."

Der Feinschmecker 2017

2015 Scheurebe trocken:

„Sie schmeckt wie ein Riesling mit einer kleinen Portion zusätzlicher

Exotik und ist so ziemlich das Beste, was in Deutschland aus dieser (…) Züchtung gemacht wird.“

The Wine Advocat, Robert Parker, September 2016 Vintage Report 2015(Stephan Reinhardt)

“Wittmann’s 2015 range is excellent again and is comprised of world-class, dry Rieslings such as La Borne, Morstein GG and Brunnenhäuschen GG.”
94-96 Punkte, Morstein Riesling GG: “Wittmann’s iconic 2015 Riesling GG Morstein comes along as a limestone rock incarnation of Riesling with concentrated fruits and lemon perfume on the nose. This is extremely well focused, pure and precise. This wine is long, persistent, very complex and salty on the finish. There is really good tension and grip here and the chalk seems to crumble on the palate. This is a Must Have of the 2015 vintage. The acidy is almost Mosel-like in its delicacy. The finish has a great grip and tension. This is a great wine.”
91-93 Punkte, Kirchspiel Riesling GG: “Piquant, fresh and citrus-like on the palate, this is a densely woven, rich, intense and powerful Kirchspiel. It has chalk and flesh—intellectual and hedonistic components. The wine is very clear and fresh, combining its powerful and chalky nature with tension, freshness and finesse. The finish is long and very promising.”
93-95 Punkte, Brunnenhäuschen Riesling GG: “very precise and elegant, as well as floral and stony. This has a unique style. On the palate, this is a clear, precise and electrifying Riesling with purity, lots of tension and minerality. The finish is lean, piquant, very long and precise, with a long and stimulating finish. This is a great wine. The chalk comes along finely grained and dusty, and the overall texture is silky, but the finish is almost crystalline in its precision and salinity.”
91-92 Punkte, Aulerde Riesling GG: ”The wine has a stunning freshness, finesse and mineral vitality, combining its rich and dense texture with grip and piquancy. The finish displays some cooked fruit and stimulating passion fruit aromas, but remains clear, dry, firm and fresh. This is a stunning Aulerde, given this warm and dry vintage. Probably the finest I have ever tasted.

Meiningers Sommelier - Riesling Große Gewächse 2015 - Sascha Speicher

96 Punkte, 2015 Morstein Riesling Grosses Gewächs: „…hopfige Spontiwürze, dazu kühle
Kräuterwürze, Bergamotte, grüner Tee(…); zupackend, (…) faszinierend“

96 Punkte, 2015 Brunnenhäuschen Riesling Grosses Gewächs: „…rauchige Spontiwürze,
Pampelmuse, (…) super pikant, puristisch, kalkiger Grip, große Länge.“

95 Punkte, 2015 Aulerde Riesling Grosses Gewächs

95 Punkte, 2015 Kirchspiel Riesling Grosses Gewächs

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung - Stuart Piggot

„Seit der Jahrtausendwende befindet sich Rheinhessen extrem im Aufwind. Mit seinen 2015er

Riesling-GGs zeigt Wittmann in Westhofen/Rheinhessen, dass seine Weine zu den

beeindruckendsten trockenen Gewächsen Deutschlands gehören. Jeder der vier Weine vereint Kraft

mit Feinheit und Frische; jeder der vier ist ein eigener Mikrokosmos der Aromatik.“

Süddeutsche Zeitung - Lage, Lage, Lage - Interview mit Stuart Pigott

„Nehmen Sie einen Gutsriesling von Philipp Wittmann aus Rheinhessen als Beispiel für einen perfekten

trockenen Riesling. Da bekommen Sie für kleines Geld einen Eindruck vom Charakter, dem Terroir, der

auch seine Lagenweine, die sogenannten Großen Gewächse, auszeichnet.“

Weinwirtschaft - Riesling Große Gewächse 2014

„Überragend in diesem Jahr: Wittmanns Morstein mit 94 Punkten…“

„ Der biologisch-dynamische arbeitende Vorzeigewinzer hat die überzeugendste Kollektion

Rheinhessens vorgestellt…“

94 Punkte, 2014 Morstein Riesling Grosses Gewächs

93 Punkte, 2014 Brunnenhäuschen Riesling Grosses Gewächs

92 Punkte, 2014 Kirchspiel Riesling Grosses Gewächs

93 Punkte, 2014 Aulerde Riesling Grosses Gewächs