First impressions of vintage 2020

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The 2020 Harvest is in the Cellar — Enthusiasm Reigns!

We are grateful for the outstanding quality of the grapes and smooth progression of the harvest in what has otherwise been a very turbulent year. The late summer weather, which remained fantastic for weeks, allowed the grapes to ripen under ideal conditions. We kicked off harvest on September 7 with the Pinot-family grapes, followed by our Rieslings. Within 32 days we’d harvested fully healthy fruit from each of our Grosse Lage sites, laying an ideal foundation for a tremendous vintage.

We are now watching the fermenting musts with great satisfaction, giving them the time they need to develop into elegant wines of distinct origin. Our daily sensory checks have increasingly shown: 2020 falls into the golden mean between 2018 and 2019, two fantastic vintages. It combines the best of both worlds: perfect ripeness with terrific aromatics on the one side and fresh minerality with wonderful elegance on the other.

Long story short: We are very happe with vintage 2020 so far and are looking forward to the wines, which will show an amazing quality.

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